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CLICK HERE to register and reserve your spot for Summer Family Fun Days!


Volunteer Opportunities- Volunteers are needed to help stage, set up bedrooms and guest areas, prepare and serve meals, spend the night as overnight hosts, take down, drive the van, and control the inventory (put away items after use). 

 Reminder:  An initial Orientation/Training is required for all who will have direct contact with guests (meals, overnight, activities, etc.)  The Family Promise day center/office offers training one evening every month from 7-9 p.m.  For details please  or Camilla at 404-556-5465.

If, you have additional questions contact: Judy Kelley (678-522-1117, jkelley56 ), Glenda Bell (770-851-4319,tgbell2 ) or Pastor Kristin Heiden (770-971-3643, kristin )

CLICK HERE to reserve your time to volunteer.


 The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that it is time to apply for the annual Frieda Bedelle Brown Memorial Scholarship, which will award up to $1,000 (in two $500 increments) to ECUMC college students who are participating in the Performing Arts. 

The award may be used to offset the costs associated with participation in these activities that are not normally covered by academic scholarships and grants.     

The scholarship application form is available on our Facebook page, in the Scholarship Committee box outside the church office, or by contacting Tom Woodliff at or 404-583-2347.  Applications are due no later than Sunday, August 26, and awards will be made in September. 


School is starting and the end of Summer is upon us. As we welcome the change of seasons, The New Room invites you to learn who we are and what we are about.

Our study will be "Batman Begins." Yes, you read that correctly. We're doing a lesson on Batman. How cool is that? Here is the synopsis:

A hero in the making.

Batman Begins has been hailed as the high-water mark for films about superheroes. Everything clicks in this film: the special effects are astounding, the characters are intriguing, the relationships are dynamic, the plot is plausible, the story is epic. A bit too frightening for children, the film rewards adult fans by establishing without a doubt that superheroes are a contemporary mythology that thus fulfills the task of all mythologies: to define reality, to outline ethics, and to inspire nobility. This study looks at the movie's themes of justice, courage, and following our calling.

So join us Sunday, August 5th for food, fun, and Batman.