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Scholarship Available

The East Cobb United Methodist Church is fortunate to have the opportunity to provide scholarships to active members of the congregation. Scholarship awards are administered by the Scholarship Committee, and a dedicated account for scholarships has been established by the Finance Committee to accumulate the funds; which, in turn, provide the Scholarship Committee with the money for the scholarship awards. Presently there are two active memorial funds being administered by the Scholarship Committee; the Jean K. Pratt Memorial Scholarship and the Freda Bedelle Brown Memorial Scholarship. Also, there have been additional contributions from the Moon Fund. the Burnside Fund, the Men’s Club and members of the congregation.

In the past, there have been various methods used for selecting the awardees. In cases where an award is made for tuition, ECUMC will send the award check directly to the school; and it is the responsibility of the student to timely provide the necessary information for cutting the check; e.g., student number, bursar’s address, etc.

Descriptions of scholarships are listed below. Pick up applications at the church office or download them here today. You may email completed applications to office@eastcobbumc.og. Deadline: Sunday, June 16, 2019.


Jean Pratt passed away in 1997 and the irrevocable Jean K. Pratt Memorial Trust was established with the North Georgia United Methodist Foundation which disperses an annual payment to East Cobb United Methodist Church on July 1 each year. When this annual payment is received, the funds are placed in a designated Jean K. Pratt Scholarship Account and are used by the Scholarship Committee to create awards. The Trust gives the committee latitude in selecting the awardees, other than they must be used for college tuition. APPLICATION.


Freda Brown, a beloved former Director of Music, passed away in 2015 and a dedicated account was created to receive donated funds for a memorial scholarship. The Scholarship awards up to $1,000 annually to ECUMC students who are participating in the Performing Arts while in college. The award may be used to offset the costs associated with participation in these activities that are not normally covered by academic scholarships and grants. APPLICATION.


The Scholarship Committee needs to be involved with a student applying for a scholarship through The United Methodist Higher Education Foundation. This program assists Methodist students with their tuition if they are, or will be, attending a Methodist institution. ECUMC students wishing to apply for this aid should go directly to the website for more information. However, students must discuss their UMHEF application with a member of the ECUMC Scholarship Committee. Note: the UMHEF application process must be done between Jan. 1 and March 1 each year, and the program requires that the initial $1,000 check come from ECUMC; i.c., no personal checks.