ECUMC is committed to promoting health and wholeness in our community through our new Faith Community Health Ministry. 


What is health?

Health is the experience of wholeness, salvation or shalom through the integration of spiritual, physical, psychological and social aspects to create a sense of harmony with yourself, others, the environment and God. Health may be experienced in the presence or absence of disease.

What is a Faith Community Nurse?

A Faith Community Nurse is registered nurse with specialized training to provide intentional care of the spirit along with expert nursing knowledge to promote holistic health and prevent or minimize illness. Faith Community Nurses work with individuals, groups, congregations and communities. They do not provide direct patient care but can help you coordinate services and supplement them to provide a holistic dimension of health and caring throughout the lifespan.

What does a Faith Community Health Ministry offer?

  • Health and wellness educational programs, experiences and information based on church and community needs assessment and requests.

  • Routine screening opportunities and wellness activities that promote health and wellness.

  • Regular opportunities to improve awareness and access for specific health related issues and programs.

What can the Faith Community Nurse do to help me?

  • Visit you in the hospital to help answer questions or give you support in finding the answers to your questions or any other health related needs that you have. The FCN does not do direct patient care but can help you determine what you need and help you find the resources and referrals to get care you need.
  • Talk and pray with you to help you find answers to questions that you have related to your physical, emotional and/or spiritual health.
  • Help you find information about your health care concerns and appropriate services to help you get your needs met.
  • Meet with you and your family to assist you all in completing an Advanced Directive for healthcare.
  • Be with, support, pray with and pray for you in seeking wholeness through tough times.

Could you benefit from a Faith Community Nurse? Want to get involved in the Faith Community Health Ministry? Contact Jackie Hayes at 770-973-1520.