Day Four: Let's Grow

Scripture tells us to, “Be still and know that I am God.” It also tells us to, “Go and make disciples….” We are often very content to do the first but can conjure up many excuses for not doing the latter. To grow the kingdom, we must be willing to do both. When we have more intimacy with God and knowledge of God, it is imperative that we share it in the way we live to bring others to true discipleship.

Are you ready to grow? The season of Lent confronts us with more than just our mortality. It confronts our inertia – our unwillingness to move forward in disciple-making in a meaningful way. Sometimes we need a verbal “kick in the backside” to get us moving in the right direction. That’s what Lent can do for us. It may not be pleasant, but we may be kicking ourselves from now into the distant future if we pass up the opportunity. But what if we do pass it up? There will be no chance of moving forward. It will be a missed opportunity.

When we pass up the opportunities we have for growth, we become more stuck and less useful to the kingdom. Inertia is a great thing unless you are standing still. If we who represent the Gospel to the world are standing still, we shall never realize, or help others realize, the potential God has for each of us. Never be content with last year’s ministry, last week’s service (in the Sanctuary or in the mission field), or yesterday’s witness, no matter how good it was. God calls us to throw off the things that weigh us down and prevent us from moving at this Lent. God calls us to embrace more fully the leadership of the Holy Spirit and God’s call on our lives.

The call on all our lives is divine; our mission is daunting; but our potential is unfathomable. It’s time we get moving, for the sake of those in need; physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and for the sake of Christ who died for our sins and rose in glory. Let’s GROW!

—J. Perry, March 9, 2019

Jay Horton