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Lighthouse Congregation

Lighthouse congregation logo.

We are a lighthouse congregation

Welcome to East Cobb UMC, a beacon of hope in our community. We take pride in being a Lighthouse Congregation, a unique and caring faith community within the United Methodist tradition.

If your church has closed or you’ve disaffiliated, we want you to know that we see you, we love you, and we are here to help guide you. As a Lighthouse Congregation, we understand the challenges of finding a new spiritual home, and we are ready to be that resting place for you. 

What is Lighthouse Congregation?

A Lighthouse Congregation is a United Methodist congregation devoted to Christian hospitality and to the welcome and care of people who’ve been displaced from their church homes by disruption, disaffiliation, or closure. An LHC designation gives a congregation a unifying missional focus of welcoming, caring for, and discipling people who have been through crisis and/or carry church hurt.  Ideal churches for this movement are:

  • Called to extend radical hospitality
  • Focused on Christian discipleship and spiritual formation
  • Likely to receive, or are already receiving, those who felt they could no longer stay with a previous church