Stephen Ministry is Christ caring for people through people. This program equips lay people with in-depth training to provide distinctly Christian one-on-one care to those in our community who are experiencing a time of need.


What is Stephen Ministry?

A Stephen Minister is a child of God who walks alongside one who is hurting - someone who will listen, care, and support you through a difficult time, keeping all discussions completely confidential. Stephen Ministry can be a wonderful resource for anyone experiencing a difficult situation, including: loneliness, isolation, hospitalization, illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, grief, employment changes, childbirth, questions about faith, and more.

Need a Stephen Minister? 

To learn more or a request a Stephen Minister, please contact the church office at 770- 971-3643 or email Stephen Leader Jody Kershner or Rev. Jim Perry at to discuss or begin the referral process. A friend or family member may request a Stephen Minister on someone else's behalf, but only with their stated permission. Only the Pastor, Referral Coordinator, Stephen Minister, and the referred person will know if a Stephen Minister has been assigned.